Bukit Pandawa Resort & Golf is an integrated resort unlike any other in the world. At the heart of Bukit Pandawa Resort & Golf is a commitment to showcasing and preserving the culture and traditions of Bali in a respectful and sustainable manner.

Situated on 150 hectares of prime clifftop real estate on Bali’s southernmost point, this unprecedented development offers unparalleled sea views for guests of its superlative 18-hole par-3 golf course and four ultra-luxury brand-name hotels.

The many superlative features include a two-kilometer private stretch of white sand beach, two beach clubs, and an astonishing art center designed by internationally renowned architect Kengo Kuma, not to mention fully integrated and self-owned infrastructure including potable water from the on-site reverse osmosis plant.

Learn more about how this singular destination came to be — an amazing three-decade journey to realize four brothers’ vision of an unprecedented experience in the world of ultra-luxury.

PT. Bali Ragawisata is a member of Ling Brothers Group.

Perseverance, commitment, a grand vision and meticulous planning. The story of Bukit Pandawa Resort & Golf began more than 30 years ago with four brothers: Didi Dawis, Saiman Ernawan, Lily Bintoro and Djie Tjian An. At that time, the Ling Brothers, as they were known, had already achieved significant success in their lives.

Looking beyond their achievements, they began to dream of creating a safe, idyllic space where their families could bond, grow and live—where elders could enjoy their twilight years, while the younger generations grew up. A place where the family could share precious moments together, nurturing lifelong bonds with each other, guests and other families.

In 1992, along the southern coast of Bali, on the tip of what was then a semi-deserted peninsula, they found their answer. A pristine site blessed with a two-kilometer white sand beach, flanked by weathered cliffs and ancient temples. Where sunrise and sunset shone on the water in the same day. Today, a quarter of a century later, that place has become Bukit Pandawa Resort & Golf, the stunning embodiment of their lifelong vision. A legacy to pass on to their families, the people of Bali, and the world.


Didi Dawis

Saiman Ernawan

Lily Bintoro

Djie Tjian An



President Director : Triono Dawis

Marketing Director : Lily Dawis

Director : Budi Dawis

Director : Wira Ernawan

Director : Eko Ernawan

Bukit Pandawa Resort & Golf is the visionary creation of the world’s best luxury architects and designers. These renowned individuals are incredibly selective in the projects they take on, and are often booked years in advance, yet each recognized the 150-hectare estate’s spectacular clifftop location overlooking the ocean as being truly one of a kind.


The masterplan for Bukit Pandawa Resort & Golf was envisioned by Jean-Michel Gathy, the world’s foremost designer of luxury properties and the visionary architect behind many of the world’s most luxurious and acclaimed resorts. His iconic designs always incorporate and emphasize local cultural elements and traditions for a strong sense of time and place, even as they stretch the imagination and set new standards for the industry.

Under his direction, the natural slope of the site was accentuated by the monumental removal of four million tons of limestone in a strategic cut-and-fill operation. The limestone removed at the bottom of the estate was added to the top of the estate, creating a dramatic gradient with unmatched views of the ocean lapping at the two-kilometer private white sand beach below.

On the development, legendary Balinese landscaper and architect Made Wijaya designed a lush green landscape from native plants and trees accentuated by intriguing ruins, while global lighting specialists Flaming Beacon put together a lighting scheme that illuminates the estate by night with artistic precision.


Jean-Michel Gathy

Principal, Denniston Architects
Bukit Pandawa Resort & Golf project/s: Masterplan, Mandarin Oriental, Bali

It [Bukit Pandawa] has the most magnificent views during the day, because of the topography you have 100% view of the sea.

- Jean-Michel Gathy

Kengo Kuma

Kengo Kuma and Associates
Bukit Pandawa Resort & Golf projects: Tsubomi Villas and Bukit Pandawa Art Center by Kengo Kuma

Kengo Kuma (隈 研吾 ) is a prominent Japanese architect and professor at the Graduate School of Architecture at the University of Tokyo. His work draws on traditional Japanese buildings and reinterprets them for the 21st century. In 1997, he won the Architectural Institute of Japan Award and in 2009 was made an Officier de L'Ordre des Arts et des Lettres in France. Characteristic of his projects is a focus on the connection between indoor and outdoor spaces.

These characteristics are evident in the design of the exquisite Tsubomi Villas and Bukit Pandawa Art Center by Kengo Kuma, created exclusively for Bukit Pandawa Resort & Golf. Playing with space and materials, these structures recall natural shapes such as leaves, while providing functional shelter: a breathtaking combination of function and form.

Soo K. Chan

Principal, SCDA Architects
Bukit Pandawa Resort & Golf project: Waldorf Astoria Bali

Soo K. Chan is the founding principal and design director of SCDA Architects Pte Ltd, a multi-disciplinary firm engaging in architecture, interior, landscape and product design. SCDA’s portfolio ranges from master planning, resorts and hotels, high-rise luxury residences, commercial and institutional buildings, and private homes spanning Asia/Oceania, Africa, Europe and America. Mr. Chan is the recipient of several awards, including the inaugural Singapore President’s Design Award, Designer of the Year, the SIA-Getz Architecture Prize for Emergent Architecture in Asia and three RIBA Awards. A graduate of Yale University, Mr. Chan is Professor of Architecture (Practice) at the National University of Singapore.

“On the southernmost tip of the island of Bali, steep 10-metre cliffs float over the Indian Ocean. The expansive site of the Waldorf Astoria resort gradually climbs up the hill with valleys on each side, resulting in a unique curvilinear topography. The master plan for the resort embraces this terrain, and shapes it even further with villas laid out in concentric layers, terracing down the hill to the cliff's edge. This allows each villa to retain views of the majestic deep-blue horizon.…” – SCDA

Antony Liu of Ton Ton Studio

Principal, TonTon Studio
Bukit Pandawa Resort & Golf projects: Swissôtel, the Clubhouse at Bukit Pandawa Golf & Country Club, collaboration for Tsubomi Villas with Kengo Kuma

“I wanted to create modern tropical architecture…that people can breathe and feel the nature of the wind and the sunrays and really enjoy the beauties of its existing surrounding areas.” – Antony Liu

Antony was inspired by Balinese temples and buildings to create the unique, massive stone facade of the Clubhouse at Bukit Pandawa Golf & Country Club. Visitors enter a cool, private space dominated by stone and water, into which rays of sunlight penetrate to create a dappled play of light and shadow. Out on the terrace, an open air lounge area is angled to catch panoramic sunset views over the ocean and golf course, including manmade lakes, waterfalls and water fountains. Whereas his design for Swissôtel plays with the sharp gradient of the slope to produce a structure that on one hand wraps around the landscape, while on the other hand protruding in a play of light and space to frame incredible views of the ocean.

Antony Liu also collaborated with Kengo Kuma in drawing up the breathtaking Tsubomi Villas.

Jasin Tedjasukmana

Principal, Kiat Architects
Bukit Pandawa Resort & Golf projects: The Residences at Mandarin Oriental, Bali

Jasin Tedjasukmana is Indonesia’s most sought after high-end residential architect. He and his firm, Kiat Architects, have built an impressive regional portfolio of work in high-end luxury hotels in Singapore, Malaysia and Australia. He has also designed and built numerous magnificent residences including for a number of embassies, businessmen, and highly prominent individuals.

In his work, Jasin is known for skillfully juxtaposing personal and public areas to produce elegantly luxurious surroundings where residents can both relax and entertain in comfort and grandeur. The materials, scale and flow are always carefully considered in context.

The Residences at Mandarin Oriental, Bali epitomize these elements. Built from natural local materials so as to blend in harmoniously with the landscape, each villa enjoys panoramic views of its surroundings including direct ocean views that are beautifully framed by open doors and windows.

“The concept is terracing… the target is maximum views to the ocean. Water features also as one part of the Balinese architecture philosophy, because in Bali all the buildings must be very close to the environment.”

Synergy with Local Communities

Bukit Pandawa Resort & Golf is proud to partner with Kutuh Village in Bali, towards realizing a vision of sustainable development that enhances the area’s potential while preserving its natural beauty and cultural heritage. This partnership has created amazing synergies, recognizing and celebrating the incredible heritage and traditions of Kutuh such as its skilled kecak api dance performances and Pura Dhang Kahyangan, one of the three most sacred temples in Bali. In celebrating the Bali’s unique heritage, we also help local communities to preserve their traditions, while creating jobs and income that improve their quality of life.

In 2017, Kutuh Village was chosen as the #1 village in Indonesia. http://regional.kompas.com/read/2017/08/14/20413501/berita-foto--semangat-merah-putih-di-tebing-pantai-pandawa-bali

Focus on Sustainability

Sustainability is a key philosophy at Bukit Pandawa Resort & Golf. From environmentally friendly practices, such as wastewater recycling and promoting local cultural traditions, we are committed to living in harmony with the environment and the community. Efforts include:

  • protecting the shoreline and local coral reef
  • using native vegetation and plant cover in the landscaping
  • reducing energy usage through efficient operations and building designs that maximize natural light and air flow
  • reusing wastewater for landscaping purposes, while leftover sludge is hauled out responsibly.
  • Ling Brothers Group is the holding company of PT Bali Ragawisata. Established in 1972 as a trading company in Indonesia, Ling Brothers Group today comprises a successful group of companies with solid track records in diversified business activities including:

  • Real estate development
  • Natural resource mining operations (including coal mining JV with Itochu Coal Resources Australia, Pty. Ltd)
  • Retailing
  • Production, licensing, and distribution of entertainment content
  • Food and beverage distribution (QAF Limited)
  • Building material trade and distribution
  • International investment (substantial shareholding)
  • At the heart of Bukit Pandawa Resort & Golf is a commitment to showcasing and preserving the culture and traditions of Bali in a respectful and sustainable manner, while delivering an unparalleled ultra-luxury experience worthy of the settings.

    We aim to achieve this through a foresighted combination of unparalleled location, ultra-luxury hospitality brands and five-star attractions, supported by an integrated system of self-owned operated infrastructure. Features including a reverse osmosis plant for potable waters, power generators and fiber optic connectivity to ensure guests’ ultimate comfort during their visit.

    With such forward thinking, is our hope that Bukit Pandawa Resort & Golf will shine as a beacon for years to come, delighting visitors, local communities and the Balinese people far into the future.